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HKB Target flow meter
Target flow meter

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Target flow meter

Temperature range: -196C~+450C
Good repeatability: 0.1~0.08%
High pressure: 0~42Mpa.
Measure High viscosity liquid.

Target flowmeter
1. This target flowmeter can measure liquid, gas or steam. Measurement flow of liquid, gas, steam, ropy mediums or ambulatory mediums in low, normal or high temperature condition.
2. Total quantity measurement accuracy is not less than 0.2%.

Item                                                       Target flowmeter Performance, Parameters
Medium Liquid, Gas and Steam
Caliber Pipe type 15~300mm    Clamp type 15~600mm     Plug type100~2000mm
Pressure 0.6~10MPa                                            0.6~42MPa                                                  0.6~42MPa
Accuracy ± 0.2    ~   ± 1.5%FS
Medium Temperature -196° C~+450° C ( Confirming the temperature range before purchase)
Media temperature -20   ~ +70 (normal temperature type)
-196 ~   +700 (high/low temperature type)
Precision ± 0.2%          ± 0.5%                                    ± 1.0%            ± 1.5%             ± 2.5%
Range 1: 3                                    1: 5                                                    1: 10                                  1: 10                                1: 10(Steam)
Compensation Temperature compensation; Pressure  compensation
Repeatability 0.1%~0.08%
Power Supply 3.6V lithium battery, 24V DC
Output        LCD display, and 4~20mA, 0~10V, impulse or RS485 (Optional)
Material of measure tube Carbon Steel; 304; 316L; Being able to provide other according to user requests
Explosion- Prevent Symbol ExiallCT4, ExiallBT4
Protection Rank IP65; IP67

* Installation is simple and convenient, easy to maintain
* A variety of output forms, spread far and wide variety of parameters
* Anti-vibration is strong, within a certain range can be measured      pulsatile flow
* Anti-jamming, anti-contamination ability to exceptionally strong


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